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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)


CBT is considered as one of the most popular, evidence-based and effective therapies of most disorders and psychological difficulties. It is equiped with all the appropriate tools, which the patient can use himself later on in his life in similar difficulties. CBT educates him and makes him "the doctor" of his own self.


The particular therapy is cooperative, focusing on the therapeutic alliance and relationship. It is not a lengthy therapy and focuses on the current problematic behavior. It is based on the notion that our feelings and behaviors are not a product of the current event. It is our personal interpretations and thoughts about the event that determine how we are going to feel and behave. Therefore, the CBT therapist helps the patient to acknowledge the thoughts that he makes and then to check cooperatively the validity of those thoughts with the use of specific and evidence based techniques.

One to one sessions


Some of the difficulties that we face in our daily lives are stress, melancholy, grief-loss, anger, low self esteem issues, traumatic events, panic attacks, phobias, sexual disorders,fertility issues, postpartum depression etc.


The patient in cooperation with his therapist, discovers the repertoires of certain thoughts and behaviors which maintain the difficulties that he faces, aiming in their alteration and eventual replacement. The individual begins to gain control of his own thoughts and feelings, to come in a deeper contact with parts of his own self which he never knew and express feelings and worries freely. He manages to feel more confident and gain a better understanding of other people. Those are accomplished with specific techniques in an acceptive, non judgmental and supportive environment succeeded within the therapeutic relationship.


Couple sessions


Some of the issues that couples usually face are the decision about getting married and creating a family, about getting a divorce, active communication difficulties , fertility issues, stress related with the arrival of a child, independence issues etc.


Couples develop communicational skills, active hearing and empathy. They learn how to recognize their own thoughts and behaviours that cause problems to their relationship and move on to their alteration. They discover the deepest roots of their arguments and difficulties, finding new ways of walking together, feeling complete in both an individual and relationship level.

Skype sessions



Skype is a safe and practical mean, easy in its use and without an additional charge for the patient. All that is needed is a P.C, internet access and an active Skype account.


The online session takes place on a specific day and time and lasts 50 minutes. All homework is sent by an email.


The online session is prepaid 24 hours before the arranged day. The patient sends by email the copy of payment and receives thet receipt in the same manner.


Confidentiality is a priority. However the therapist has no responsibility of actions by hackers or third parties (


Communication between the patient and the therapist includes personal data of both.


Therefore the use of part or of all the information sent in a message on Skype or within the video call are strictly FORBIDDEN without the therapist's permission, for any reason.

Services in English Language


English speaking sessions are provided for those who cannot speak the Greek language.

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